Thursday, September 22, 2011


Okay, so this is just a little update on how I've been doing not eating meat, dairy or eggs. My husband, Evan, and I started about the 1st of September ridding our kitchen of animal products and not purchasing more products that contain it. Not necessarily 100% avoiding it, because we're still newbies and didn't want to discourage ourselves by thinking we have to eat 100% animal free from the start. We're taking it one step at a time. Though we've generally been doing well, I slipped up at the grocery store this past weekend, totally and completely absent minded, picked up a sample of a new ice cream flavor, and when Evan pointed out that it was dairy I still ate it.. and you know, I didn't beat myself up for it. But next time, I probably won't choose to eat it.
Since starting this new lifestyle, I've lost 11lbs (and this is with ZERO exercise.. that's the next thing on my list of things to tackle) and on my way home from work today, I was thinking that I haven't really been having any food cravings, which I used to get daily. No extreme cravings for salty french fries, or ice cream and cookies.. nothing. Strange for me. But I LOVE it! And not only that, but I've been trying foods that I never thought I would and they are delicious.
And, I feel good too! I feel like my joints don't ache as much, I don't feel as tired, like I need my daily coffee, I can totally go without it and feel fine. At 21 years of age I don't think I can remember a time when I've felt this way, and that's sad. I should be in my prime, best shape, and soon hopefully I will be. :)
So that's enough about that for now.
Tomorrow (hopefully), I'll be putting up a recipe for coconut butter, a replacement for your dairy butter, and it's fabulous! It doesn't even have a strong coconut taste to it, so it's versatile. So, stay tuned!


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