Sunday, February 26, 2012

Month 6

So far this blog hadn't been much of sharing a journey as sharing some recipes we've tried. But I would like it to be. I want to share where I'm at since starting journey to being healthy and vegan.
It has been 6 months since we decided to make the change to a healthier, vegan lifestyle. Okay, so far we aren't the healthiest, but 99% of days we eat a vegan diet. I admit that I've had desserts with eggs, butter and milk, and also I've had a delicious Soy Caramel Macchiato (for which the caramel sauce contains cream), from Starbucks, for those of you who have tried to "catch me" eating something I'm "not supposed to". =P It is a choice to change my eating, but at times it is difficult journey. I don't want to sugar coat it for any of you who want to try to eat a vegan  diet. At times it is very hard. Honestly... I had a dream about a pepperoni pizza last night!! I couldn't believe it when I woke up, I think I was actually salivating. Eww?
Eating out with friends is difficult, probably more so for them. I wonder if it is embarrassing to be out with us?Tho I'm not embarrassed at trying to be vegan. I'm just not a huge fan of confrontation. Went out to lunch with my mom, brother and his gf last week to a mexican restaurant we used to go to almost every week. My mom wanted to know if she could get an order of nachos without the cheese and sour cream... but all the other good stuff, beans, jalepenos, onions, peppers... the waitress looked at her like she was the craziest person alive. Nachos.... without cheese? Can't be done. I guess. I ordered rice and beans, safe bet. But we never asked if they put lard or anything in the beans. Who knows? That is a battle for another day.
Exercise is on my mind every day but I cannot find the motivation to start. I need someone to push me. This dark winter is getting to me. I've been pretty down lately. When we first started eating this way I had so much energy! I'm really hoping it is just the weather. I've been making sure I get enough of the very important Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D2. Need to work on water intake.And getting 3-5 good 30 minute sessions of exercise in each week. That should significantly improve my mood. We shall see.
Thanks for listening.
What are your tips or tricks for getting enough water? Also, how do you make sure you get your dose of exercise each week?

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  1. I say 99% is pretty darn good! lol- just reading this post now. The point is to make better choices and not to be a perfectionist. Who cares if you have a drink with Caramel Sauce every once in a while? No foul. Way to go & keep up the good work. Had a nice time hiking with you today :) BTW :)