Monday, March 5, 2012


Today I took a Zumba class at the gym with my mama and a friend from work. It was so much fun! It is great to exercise with friends. Makes the time go by faster. Tho half way through the class I wasn't sure I would make it to the end. It was still a blast and I sweated... a lot!! Which I guess is good, that means I was working it!!
If you haven't triedZumba yet, then I highly suggest it. They have a game for the Wii, I believe. Make sure to stretch and drink plenty of fluids. :)
The past 5 days have gone really well. Exercised every day so far. It was nice in our area yesterday so we took advantage of it and went hiking with some friends.
I've been weighing myself every day, and I think I'm going to have to stop that because day to day the weight fluctuates so much. The goal is to lose weight but also to feel good. So the days where the numbers aren't reflecting I think I have to go off of how I feel. Also I need to remember that the number isn't the most important thing.
Five days in and already starting to feel excited to exercise each time! :) Sweet action!
And don't worry, I will post some more recipes soon. Need some fresh veggies to work with! :)

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